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Pubic Wig Fashion

Lady Gaga Pubic Wig Arm Pit Hair
The pubic wig has become a fun fashion accessory. I bet it won't be too long before we start seeing them at Forever 21. For now, the pubic wig rests its hat in underground art scenes such as the annual Burning Man art festival, New York art exhibits, and whatever hipster happening Vice Magazine is covering these days.

The most common image associated with the pubic wig is a style worn at the Burning Man art festival (that's the image you'll see on Wikipedia). The Burning Man pubic wig is pink and functions both as a fashion statement and to cover your genitals. You can make a pink pubic wig similar to the one worn at Burning Man using a pink Kitty Carpet, trimmed using a large triangle pubic wig stencil (you may even want to leave it uncut!). Download our free pubic wig stencil outlines, get your friends together, and have a DIY Merkin Party!

In 2011, Lady Gaga began to wear a blonde pubic wig for concerts and fashion photo shoots. The pubic wig worn by Lady Gaga is often aaccompanied by an armpit hair wig. If you would like to make a Lady Gaga pubic wig and arm pit hair costume, you can use the blonde Kitty Carpet in the genital region as well as a blonde Kitty Carpet for your armpit. However, Lady Gaga is not the first celebrity to wear a pubic wig. Actresses wear pubic wigs all the time, you just may not know it...

Pubic Wig Burning Man
In Hollywood movies, actresses wear pubic wigs so that they do not inadvertently expose their genitalia during nude or semi-nude scenes. If a pubic wig were not worn, it would be necessary to restrict the shot to exclude the pubic region. With the pubic wig in place, quick shots of the pubic area can be included in the final cut of the film. Wearing a pubic wig protects the actress from inadvertently exposing themselves. Some actresses or film producers have contracts that require their genitals be covered in some way. Wearing a pubic wig rather than performing in full frontal nudity ensures that films will receive less restrictive MPAA ratings ("R" rather than "NC-17," for example).

A pubic wig may also be used if the actress has less pubic hair than is required for the role that they are playing. For example, if an actress has a Brazilian bikini wax in real life but is working on a film set in 1800, she can wear a pubic wig so that her pubic hair is styled to match the way it would be in that specific historical period.

Burning Man Pubic Wig image credit: Wikimedia Commons