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Pubic Wig Guide, Kitty Carpet Stencils, DIY Merkins
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Where to Buy a Pubic Wig Online

Despite the increasing popularity of pubic wig and Kitty Carpet fashion, the pubic wig is a rare species in the world of online shopping. There are only three or four online stores that sell pubic wigs, and because it is so rare these stores think they can charge up to $150 for a simple pubic wig! (where I discovered the pubic wig in the first place) offers a simple model pubic wig called the Kitty Carpet for just $8.99. You can order a Kitty Carpet pubic wig for you or a friend in any of three colors: pink, black (natural), or blonde ("natural"). The Kitty Carpet was dreamed up by President Tom Nardone (watch a video of Tom explaining the pubic wig "how" and "why") and manufactured by the solution-based, female-friendly company, Solutions That Stick.

Kitty Carpet Pubic Wig was designed to be customized and tailored to your body and style preferences. You can download free Pubic Wig Stencils, trim your artificial hair garden, and secure your cool new Kitty Carpet to your pubic region with the double-sided body-safe adhesive pubic wig tape that is included in every Kitty Carpet package. Have a DIY merkin party with your friends!